Le prix initial était : 265.00€.Le prix actuel est : 212.00€.

Couleur : 6473


Clé : 0ZED

Ref. fournisseur : CAS06473 VAR 6473


Our sneakers are produced, with the best italian fabrics and leathers in Vietnam, in full compliance with both productive and ethical international quality standards, in companies of the highest quality.For a correct use, maintenance and care of our sneakers, we inform you that:
• The special treatments, as well as the washing themselves, are designed to give our products the desired appearance that characterizes the brand.• Please handle with care for longer product life.
Consumers are strongly advice not to:
• Use of any kind of detergent that may change the look and quality of the shoes.
• Exposure to direct light, heat and rain. should it become wet, dry it immediately with a soft cloth.
• Hand and machine wash of the shoes.Some leathers may have slight color releases when used in extreme conditions.The delicate accessories and leathers with silver and gold mirror effects or finishes, the feathers, the rhinesones, the stones and the studs require a lot of attention in use.Some leathers may have in surface differences that prove their natural characteristic, therefore they cannot be understood as defects whereas they are considered as a value of the leather itself.

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